We help you monetise social sharing

Find influencers who drive conversion through sharing

StartĀ monetising word of mouth

Monetise social sharing

Give referral offers to influencers andĀ convert their friends into customers.

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Find influencers

Find those, who are influencing purchase decisions of their friends through sharing.

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Custom user segments

Segment your users based on their sharing behaviour. Some of them are driving you more conversion.

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Automatic Funnel Reports

Track your funnels automatically and see how sharing affects your bottom line.

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Increase your conversion rates with word of mouth

Manage virality

Increase your sales by going viral. We help you understand why your content goes viral and how to optimise it for lead generation.

Sharing history

Increase the accuracy of your analytics data. We give you the whole referral history of your leads providing insights on who triggered their visits and what made them convert.

Referral campaigns

Create referral campaigns for influencers, who are opinion leaders among their friends. They will share your site, and drive more revenue from their network.

Find influencers

We show you who drive conversion through sharing. They are your advocates who generate high quality leads from their network by sharing your content through emails, messaging apps and social networks.

Address bar tracking

Address bar sharing is the #2 sharing method and it's on the rise. We provide you actionable metrics on how your visitors share your content by using the good old copy paste method.

Content performance

Optimize your content performance for generating high quality leads. We help you decide what should be your next article based on what generated the most leads from sharing before.

Increase your sales with word of mouth. We can help!

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